We also believe 6 defining things about us, we are a people who Do Good, live in a Tribe, fight for Justice, treating everyone with dignity and living with integrity.

1. A people who Do Good, God has given us gifts and talents, passions and desires and made us to bear good fruit. God is rebuilding our desire for purpose.

2. Who live in a Tribe, we cannot be ourselves without others, trusting and relying on others in good times and bad. God is rebuilding our trust in family.

3. And fight for Justice. There is imbalance in the world and the weakest miss out. God’s children work to restore that balance. God is rebuilding our courage for the weak.

4. Treating everyone with Dignity. We will never treat a person lower than God would. God is rebuilding our respect for human value.

5. And living with Integrity. Living by the pattern of character laid out in the Bible, will ensure the fruit we bear will remain. God is rebuilding our confidence in character.

6. Salvation. Living lives confident to share about Jesus and being confident that Jesus is the solution. God is rebuilding our connection to Him.