valiant man…

Just a reminder that Pastor Kevin and myself will be running the valiant man course starting on the 16th of May @ 7pm. Both Pastor Kevin and myself are excited to bring this course which is designed to help all men to fight for their own personal, moral and spiritual vitality and help other men fight for theirs. This program with study and devotional guide is designed to fortify and restore the moral and spiritual integrity of men.

If you would like to be a part of this great course, please let me know so I can order your work books. and if you have a friend who you think might be interested in this course invite them along.

Cost is just $25 for the work manual, and will run for 10 weeks, a small price for such an enormous investment in your life.  At Hope Central Elizabeth, in kids inC room.

We hope as many of you can join us as possible.



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