Current Sermon Series

The Come- Back King

The Prophesy of the Book of Revelation.

Are we living in the end times? When will Jesus come back? Can you explain the book of Revelation? These questions and many like it recently were submitted in our “You asked for it!” series. There were so many I decided we needed to have a good look at the book of Revelation so that we can understand God's message in this amazing picture of Jesus who-is-never-beaten and will always come back.

July 22 The Come-Back King. The third theme of the book of Revelation is the inevitable return of Jesus to claim His rights and bring this age to an end. For those who follow Jesus it means glory and honour, for those that lived like He would never return it means the loss of everything.


July 15 The Consequences of the King. The second theme of the book of Revelation is the cost of following our new King and the consequences of rebelling against Him. It goes very badly for those who refuse Him, but it also means tribulation for those who do.


July 8. The Coronation of the King. The first theme of the book of Revelation is the presentation of Jesus as “King of Kings”. The One who through His death and resurrection has been crowned Lord of this world. This reality has changed the power dynamics of the world.