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Hope Central are taking several teams to Papua New Guinea in August 2017. The team going to Port Moresby will be fitting out a truck so that it can become a mobile educational facility to local villages and settlements.  The funds raised (you can donate on our try booking event page) will go towards this project as well as other projects in the area. Give now at TRYBOOKING




Dear Sponsors,

Thank you for taking the time to consider a project that we believe will transform the future of many children in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea!


In 2014 a great friend of ours, Pastor Barry Silverback, OAM, had a vision to help the children of families who live in the settlements around the growing city of Port Moresby. Many families leave their village lives from areas all over Papua New Guinea to try to make a better life for themselves and their children by seeking work in the nations capital where jobs and education are more prevalent. However, because of the price and availability of property in Port Moresby they end up settling in unclassified areas around the city in slum-like conditions. Their children are often unable to access education because their language skills leave them unable to begin access even the most basic level.


Pastor Silverbacks vision was an “Early Learning Mobile School”, a mobile classroom that could be driven into central areas of each of the settlements. In this mobile school, children could be taught the basics of literacy and numeracyas well as classroom behaviour. In addition, basic medical treatment could be provided to any children presenting with the cuts, scrapes and infections that may have been left unattended.


The vision got off to a great success with the truck purchased, the tilt out classroom constructed and the rails in place. Over $40,000 has already been invested! However, the truck proved to be too unstable to drive the rough roads!


We have investigated the problems and believe that we can fix it. Already 2 mechanics and 2 fabricators have volunteered to go at their own expense and carry out the work, but we need your help to pay for the needed parts and equipment. It will cost around $10,000 for us the get the equipment and parts there as well as source local supplies. In addition the truck needs a generator to provide power to the classroom as well as the electrical work to support it.


Can you help? The Mobile School is so close to being ready to help hundreds of impoverished children living in the dusty settlements around Port Moresby, we just need your help to get it over the line and into effective use.


We are grateful for your time and concern and appreciate any help you can provide.


Yours Faithfully,

Pastor Joe Habermehl

Senior Pastor of Hope Central, Elizabeth and Salisbury


Contact Details:

Hope Central 8252 9011
[email protected]