The Word is my Food.

There is no one person in all history than Jesus. Hands down, 100%, without a doubt. And He said the Word of God is His food, His daily bread. If He needs a daily feed of the Word of God, then how about us. Could it be that we living half-starved and anaemic lives because we don’t have the right diet. Could it be that many of our chronic heart and life problems could be solved simply by reading and consuming the Word of God. Jesus says so.

June 17 Reading and Believing. The parable of the Sower, was Jesus’ best tip on how to get the life transforming work of the Word of God in us. It's not about smarts, or about knowledge but faith makes it work. 


June 10- What is the Bible? We see Bibles everywhere, these thick books full of stories, genealogies and teaching- but where did it come from? How did it end up like this? What are all the different translations? Before we dig in, lets get a picture of exactly what this book is.

You Asked For It!

A few months ago we asked you to give us your questions, answering this line: “I would love to hear a sermon on…” You gave us some real tough ones, and we tried to pull them together into common themes so we could cover as much as we can. One subject was too big to cover in one message so stay tuned for a series on Bible Prophesy. But this month- its time for these topics- why? Because You Asked For It!

May 20. What is Spiritual Warfare? How does prayer, angels, demons and the spiritual realm work. This week we pull back the curtain on the how the spiritual work is impacting our lives and what to do about it.


May 13. God's strange ways. Be silent, make me wait, allow the Devil to… There are so many questions about Gods strange and confusing ways. This mothers day we are going to dig deep into the mysterious and confusing acts of God.


May 6. How does the Old Testament fit Today? Where does the law of Moses fit into the Christian life? Sabbath, food laws, Ten commandments- are they relevant? Does it matter? 

Why I believe - April Series

We often think that faith is like a “leap” into the unknown, the unclear, the unverifiable- but that’s not true. The apostle Peter tells us to “always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15. This month we continue to talk about the reasons we believe and some of the questions that are keeping people from believing. Again, it’s the perfect time to invite a friend or family member along.

April 22 Faith Blocker. Suffering / Evil. Perhaps the most common faith blocker of all is the presence of evil in our world. If there is a God then why… and there are so many things that could follow. But what does evil really mean in the argument for or against God?


April 8 Faith Blocker. The Super Natural. God, by definition, makes us imagine the supernatural, yet its His very “Super” natural-ness that makes many people avoid the subject. If you’ve ever found faith difficult because of the “confusion” around the world beyond our senses, this week will bring a lot of clarity for you.


April 1 Easter Sunday - Jesus the Missing Peace. It’s a peculiar thing to be satisfied when you finally finish a puzzle and insert that final piece. You lean back, smile and feel good about yourself. Imagine what it would be like to lay the final piece in place for the salvation of the world.



The Salvation of the world is the great purpose of God. And this happens through faith in Jesus His Son. Believing is Gods pathway to salvation. Getting people to believe is both Gods work and ours. This month we are going to hear from different people as they share powerful stories of why they believe. From former athletes to brickies, from questions of evolution to the conflicts of religion- this month we will hear and be impacted by how people come to believe. This month is a perfect time to invite a friend to church, please go out of your way to bring people. This may be the most important step in helping them believe too.

March 30 Good Friday Service. Jesus: The missing Peace. Only Jesus could complete the connection between God and man and it required the Cross. Good Friday is the day all the pieces became peace. This one hour service, to be followed by our family picnic, is going to be a perfect opportunity to invite your friends along to hear the story of Easter.


March 25 Faith Blocker: Religion. People swing between saying “Aren’t all religions basically the same”, or “it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe”, and others complain that “religions abuse and control people.” Religions are a major hangup for believing. Let's dig behind “religion” so that we don’t confuse it with Jesus.


March 11.  Faith Blocker: Evolution. Today many people have become convinced that evolution is a fact. This becomes an obstacle to their faith in Jesus. But what if the science of evolution wasn’t as solid as we’ve been told. This Sunday, with lawyer Daniel Wabnitz, we’ll be exploring the truth behind the myth of evolution.



If you’ve ever struggled to understand the big picture, you sometimes need a key that will unlock the meaning of everything that’s happening. Salvation is that key. Gods plan for this world, for this time, is the salvation of mankind. It's why we pray, why we work, why we worship and why we serve. In fact, it's why you were made. So this month, let's look deeply into Gods plan of salvation and find our part.

Feb 25. The Key to Eternal Purpose. Joe Habermehl


Feb 18. The Key to the Church. Joe Habermehl


Feb 11. Growing bold. Jodie Habermehl


Feb 4. The Key to everything. Joe Habermehl








Christmas – the gift of beginning.

Reading through Isaiah over the last year I have been so encouraged about the transformation that Jesus brings to the world. He is the Hope of all the world and people need to hear about Him. This month we are looking at a few of the ways that Jesus ends the old struggles of life and gives us the gift of a new beginning, bring a friend along to hear about Him.

December 31. The Year of God's Favour. What if the cosmic war was over forever and God was only ever going to be on your side? How would it feel if you expected favour? How would your year go if you started in faith built around His promise of Favour?


December 24. Christmas, the end of uncertainty. “Peace on earth and goodwill to men”, the angels announced. Finally we’re not on our own and all of Gods good will is turned towards us. It’s the end of fear and uncertainty forever.


December 17 Christmas, the end of confusion. You better now shout, you better not cry,” goes the Santa song. But why? Who’s shouting, who’s crying and why? Santa may not like them, but maybe Jesus will be okay with my shouts and cries. 


December 10. Christmas, the end of Injustice. Why is Scrooge in the Christmas Carol? What does His character represent? Isn’t he about injustice and greed. So how does Christmas change Scrooge?


Now! vember

Have you ever asked yourself or someone else, “What’s stopping you?” Its funny how so often we don’t know the answer to that. We may even try to make a start but then go nowhere. Confusing! Frustrating! This month we are going to look at 4 classic enemies the people of God have had to deal with and discover how Jesus sets us free, gets us back into NOW!, and releases our future.

November 26 Deal with it! How many little things have you swept under the carpet or avoided dealing with. Like the Philistines of old, if you don’t deal with them- those habits become oppressors.


November 19 Opportunity knocks! There are many well intentioned and bad intentioned people out there that would love to horn in our your destiny. It may be time to toss the Jezebels out of your life.