Sermon Series Slides


Everywhere you look these days we are bombarded with advertising. Buy this, have that, get more. All these messages appeal to the human spirit because we all think more is better. More sex. More experiences. More likes. More Stuff. But God has something better for us that doesn’t leave hungry in 10 minutes, It’s a secret called contentedness.

June 16- Bon Appetite. That’s a saying I’ve never needed encouragement in before a meal- I always love to eat. But of course not all eating is good for us, so how do we learn to balance what we need with what good for us?

June 9- Hunger Games. The movie creates a scenario where there are limited resources and only one winner. A metaphor for life? It sounds like hell but it’s the way we are trained to live on planet earth. Surely God has something better than hunger.

The Spirit’s Mentors

If I told you that in every situation the best advice is to “follow the Holy Spirit”, I would be giving the best Biblical advice for life. And I suppose well-meaning Christians give and take that advice, but its only part of the picture. Many people get His leading wrong because they are immature and need help hearing and understanding what God is saying. We need Spiritual Mentors. The problem is- who can I trust?

May 19 The difference between Shepherds and Hirelings. Jesus said, “He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them.” John 10:12. It’s hard to know who to trust for advice, but the reliable bet is on the one who is willing to share your fate.

May 12 - The difference between Sacrifice and Surveys. Mothers Day. Paul says, “But we were gentle among you, like a nursing mother taking care of her own children.” 1Thessalonians 2:7. Why is the most powerful recommendation for advice the care and sacrifice of the source?

May 5 - The difference between Fathers and Teachers. Paul says, “For though you have countless guides in Christ, you do not have many fathers.” 1Corinthians 4:15. Theres a lot of people who are happy to share their opinions, but there’s not many who can be like a Spiritual Father to us, so what’s the difference?

The Plunge

We are individuals, hand-crafted by God for unique purposes and plans. But rather than be originals we are always being pulled into conformity. Why? Is it some outside force, is it culture, is it pressure? Yes, but it’s not pressure from without, it’s pressure from within.  Our need for value from others makes us conform to their values. But God is greater and is a better source of value.

April 14 - Credit Crisis