“Connecting with our community”
At Hope Central, we care about our connection with the local community simply because Jesus did. Our buildings are designed to be places that is welcoming to the community from the front door. They are not flashy facilities but simple buildings that suit the locations they are in.

 Our values of dignity for all people and living for justice are the driving force in all we do for and in our community. Each year we purposely set out to engage and connect with our local community in various creative ways.

Breakfast Together: On a fortnightly basis our Breakfast Together program is held on a Sunday morning at Elizabeth. This is held on the 1st and the 3rd Sunday of the month. Many people from our local community coming along for food and friendship.

Kids Outreach: in July school holidays we put on a 3 morning program to reach children in the community. This is an event that is aimed at connecting with families and sharing the love of Jesus with kids.

Fundraising support: We have enjoyed a partnership with Northern Domestic Violence Service and have worked to fund raise for them since 2009.

Partnerships: We have worked with Playford council to help run the Playford Carols for many years. This is a wonderful community event we are proud to support.

We are constantly exploring new ways that we can connect with our local community.